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Saturday, July 16, 2011

USD & World Trade - The Theft Under Our Nose.

The US have stole the world resources by giving valueless paper in return. They stole at least USD 14 trillon worth of world resources and still the world is missing the plot. USD14 trillion is USA's total debt as at May 2011 and its growing at USD1 trillion p.a This means every year USA steals USD1 trillion worth of our resources under our nose by printing paper currency and the world is still blind to the theft.

If only the Muslim world wakes up. If only the Muslim world finds an alternative other than USD in trades between itself. It will begin to at least stop some of the thieving. If only the Muslim world becomes a common market. In trades with non Muslim countries it can first try barter trade. When that limit has been reached exchange of each others currencies. And when forced then can use yuan or euro cautiously lest they become another USD. Muslim intellect must sit and discuss solutions to this problem.

But this will never happen when we have Muslim nations in blind support of the US. Much of these nations' investments are in the US including real property. It is difficult to dethrone the USD in the light of such fundamental compromises of principles.